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   Saturday, February 01, 2003
I have something to admit. Tony Blair. I never was a fan of Our Tone before, being, as I thought he was, a copy of Clinton, just a British version. And it seems to me his domestic policy consists of, well... nothing really that can be pinned down. But whats actually happened is more regulation, higher taxes, watercannoning of funds at the public sector to no avail, and the old custom when Labour is in power, public sector industrial action.

So all of this didn't endear me to Our Leader. However... maybe I misjudged him. Tony Blair nowadays seems to be nothing short of a martyr. And martyrs are a rare thing in politics. If Blair actually sends the UK to war - and you dont send a quarter of the British Army to the Middle East merely for fun - I give the chances of him surviving the wrath of his party's CND activitists and Saddam-sympathisers for a year 50/50 at best. And his dreams of becoming EU president must be shot to tatters, given how Britain is coming out against the Franco-German faction which runs the EU.

I think - he's actually doing it because he thinks it's the right thing to do, to go to war against Saddam (and I agree with him). A politician prepared to make sacrifices to do the right thing is a truly rare breed. Hand on heart, if I lived in his constituency, I would vote for him. (As it happens, the MP in my constituency is more likely to be one of the ones who deposes him after doing the right thing, so no, she's not getting my vote).

I just hope the oh-so-British running down of and underinvestment in our armed forces in peacetime (the Tories were just as bad, lets not lie here) doesn't reap an unfortunate dividend in the months to come.